UK EU Referendum Voters Frustration, The Volcano is Erupting


BxkAnlaIYAA4ZUpIt’s been like an old rumbling and smoking volcano for the last 40 years, now this old volcano as recently been hitting much higher on the richter scale, red hot lava is now spewing forth. The UK voters have run out of patience with all the politicians that have over the decades deceived, contorted, and obfuscated on the offer of a UK EU Referendum. OK so some European countries have referendums more than others just take a look at Switzerland. The Swiss are offered to participate in many various referendums concerning very big national issues. Other countries will only have a referendum on big major issues say once very decade like Ireland or France. The UK though by comparison is like a referendum desert where no rain does fall, we have endured an extremely long referendum drought. 1975 was the last time the UK had a referendum, and this is causing a public growing resentment and visible friction between the citizens and the established politicos classes. The politicians of all three major parties. their thinking was well you all get to vote in elections every 5 years and that’s enough to express your democratic wishes, leave the very important stuff to us, we know better.


Just take a moment to think of all the different UK Prime Ministers that have come and gone, Harold Wilson, Edward Heath, Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, and now David Cameron. In 1975 people in the UK agreed to a ‘Common Market’, a agreement of trade within Europe. 40 years later after the Maastricht treaty and the Lisbon treaty the EU is completely different, its evolving into a semi federal pan European entity, than it ever was envisaged in 1975. Did the citizens of the UK get a voice or were offered a choice during the Maastricht and Lisbon treaties? I think we all know the answer to that, we where told this question is too big for democracy, too big for the voters, let the politicians decide for you, like we were all ignorant uneducated little children. Well now after long last the volcano as erupted, the build up of pressure was just too great. This is the reason why Nigel Farage as rocketed into the political stratosphere in the UK, he as said enough is enough, the people demand a EU referendum now. Mainstream politicians have lost the common touch and they only have themselves to blame for their contempt of the democratic voting process.

Nick Clegg

Presently all three main parties are in a complete flap now, its like the circus as come to town, finally they are really worried and concerned as voters are abandoning the mainstream politics and flocking over to UKIP. Cameron is promising a referendum in 2017, but people remember his ‘cast iron’ pledge for which he now infamously is remembered for reneging on that promise, while Ed Miliband’s and Labour approach to a referendum is? well no one actually knows thats the problem, as its like trying to find your way through a very thick fog, obfuscation is a Labour political art form. Nick Clegg and the LibDems believe in a EU referendum, just as long as a EU referendum never actually takes place; it was a weak disguise and it never really fooled the voters. During a recent 2nd reading of a EU referendum bill trying to pass through the labyrinth of Westminster, this is what the House of Commons chamber looked like, LibDems and Labour MPs just did not turn up at all to even debate the matter. They do not wish to even discuss the the UK EU relationship, because they do not want a EU referendum.


Now there is a palpable feeling that the clock as stopped ticking, the  perplexing and the baffling EU referendum politics within the Westminster as just gone into over drive, as the politician’s finally recognise the voters have lost their patience with Westminster. It looks like the UK politicos have at last seen the red hot lava coming down the mountain and they don’t like what they see as they do not want to get burnt? But its too late now,you had 40 years and did nothing, now its time for the people to speak.

After Brexit we can strengthen the bonds of the Anglosphere


A insightful blogpost with good analysis into the changing world of open and free trade within the Anglosphere in relation to the UK. Time for the UK to leave the clutches of the restrictive EU and rekindle past historic links around the world as well as with new emerging ones. Its almost as if the UK feels like its experiencing a re-awakening, like a snake shedding its skin, no more historical guilt angst and socialist dogma that we as a nation have been systematically spoon fed since the 1960’s from Labour and the left

The UK as always been a free trading trading nation, so lets return to our old traits and fully rejoin the Anglosphere, to trade freely and leave behind the European semi socialism and dirigiste thinking that the French seem to love so much.

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The recent plea from Nile Gardiner of the influential US think-tank The Heritage Foundationwas a pleasing reminder that there are still some voices in the US who see the merits of an independent United Kingdom. It is unfortunate that official US policy is to compel Britain to remain within the union as part of its desire to see a united Europe modelled on its own image.

Such homogeneity is easier to interact with diplomatically and also easier to manipulate and handle in matters of foreign affairs, such has been the case in US support for a politically loaded association agreement between the EU and Ukraine.

The US administration has little time for the concerns of British EU- sceptics, such as conserving the independence of our legal system and our foreign, economic and security policy, and restoring the sovereignty of parliament. This is a shame because a Britain integrated into…

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Can’t Say I Have Ever Heard of Rand Paul, But I Have Now, And He is Inspiring!

Rand Paul speaks at Manchester company

I have never heard of Rand Paul, but I have now. I was just trawling through US politics on youtube and discover this contender by accident. This the kind of person I would be inspired to vote for, and I am not even a USA citizen, I am from across the pond in the UK. This is a person that his kind of political political vision and ideals to US conservative voters would, but would resonant easily with Conservative’s right across the the Anglosphere. People are hungry for politicians to have some kind of conviction, yes you have to widen your appeal to attract voters from the middle ground, but at least don’t be ashamed or afraid to declare what you actually believe me. Who wants to listen to a clone politician, no one.

Small govt, less red tape, more enterprise, more free trade, well yes I heard you say all Conservatives say this at a election podium trying their best to get elected.. What I like about Rand Paul is that he says it in a libertarian way and in his laid back manner, but with a keen sense of common sense economics, shrinking and cutting the bloated US public sector. I am sure he will declare that he is running for the White House some time soon. Interesting how himself and Ted Cruz will compete who is to get the Republican nominee or possibly just eventually agree to amalgamate into a running pair, who knows.

Certainly keep a eye on Rand Paul. I only wish we had a Rand Paul type politician in the UK in our up coming general election in May this year 2015. We are trying to keep out the socialists Labour and the SNP (Scottish Nationalist Party) parties out of Number 10. Well I will certainly watch out for Rand Paul’s political progress, hope he runs, fairly sure he will declare his intentions soon.

Obama Wants Compulsory Voting And Lower The Age To 16, Plus Ted Cruz Declares He Is Running

A sneak peak across the pond into Congress politics and elections. Seems that the liberals / progressives (Democrats) want to lower the voting age to 16 and also make voting completely compulsory. Voter ID is something of a hot topic in the USA and is very much discussed, and is very different to the UK. In the UK people just stroll in with your voting registration card on voting day and that’s or vote by mail.  In the USA  if you don’t have your correct voting ID, you miss your chance to vote. Voting fraud and race politics seem to be a sensitive topic on matters of voter ID in the USA. Its common knowledge most black voters vote Democrat, though not all, but the vast the majority do, which some how the Democrats try to portray the voter ID subject as a race issue.

As for compulsory or mandatory voting, well now that is a big, massive change. The USA as a large population, mandatory voting to become compulsory, so how would that actually work? what failure to vote would result in some kind of penalty. Getting the whole country out to vote on a single day as it would be mandatory, well that could become a major headache to enforce. Anyway more  interesting to hear more about the new Republican contender Ted Cruz declaring he is now running for the White House. Obama as had a rather lacklustre presidency, people expected great things from him, and its turned out, well its all been rather dull. Though to be fair the republicans hold both the Senate and the House, making life extremely difficult for him to pass legislation. Well that’s all for now on USA politics, just a short post, I will be posting more on USA and Capitol Hill politics, but from from a UK perspective, also it makes a interesting change from writing just about UK and EU politics. It would be a major shift to the right in American politics if the Republicans held onto both the Senate and the House and took also control of the White House? Who knows, time will tell.


Feminism vs. Truth by Christina Hoff Sommers

I like it when normal sensible women also criticise the warped leftie mentality of feminism and its social justice warrior mindset. Men are ‘privileged’ really? Most men are out there busting their balls paying for the mortgage and trying to hold their marriage together. After 20 years or less the wife turns around and declares she wants a divorce, oh! and she also wants the house and the car etc, (and they say men are entitled??) and forget  trying to get access to seeing your kids. She will have the full force of the courts behind her, why? because she is a ‘caring mother’, and you? well you as a man are seen in the eye’s of the law as just a male walking ATM cash machine. But its all about equality, right?


Anyway I think alot of men would like to thank Christina Hoff Sommers for showing and exposing the heavily feminist one sided argument and how men have become virtually demonised in the media. As she is a woman her criticisms carry far more weight. If a man criticise’s feminism well of course he is a portrayed as a misogynist bla, bla, bla. But I think the tide is turning, men have just  had enough of the PC judgemental hypocrisy coming from the so called 3rd wave feminist movement, and men are being much more vocal in the opposition to it.

Meanwhile divorce rates are going to go up through the roof as marriages and families are dragged through the divorce courts. Some of the talk I hear from feminists online on twitter, they are not looking for any kind of gender equality, far from it, they want to subjugate men into a grovelling submission. Well bring it on femnazi’s!


A Syriza win could kill left-wing politics in Greece


greece euro xendpayAn insightful look at Greece elections and the surge of Tsipras and Syriza’s popularity. The Greeks seem determined to end up with a socialist state style run economy much like Venezuela. Anyone Greek with half a brain and an ounce of ambition will be heading for the nearest airport ASAP if Syriza wins the elections.

Originally posted on The Greek Politics Blog:

tsipras1 Alexis Tsipras, Leader of the radical left opposition SYRIZA. Source:

The Greek election is just around the corner and Europe’s eyes are set on the radical left opposition, Syriza, that is poised to win it.

Contrary to a growing opinion that the leftist party and its young leader, Alexis Tsipras, could end austerity in both Greece and Europe, an unsuccessful Syriza government could not only bring the country to its knees but also mean the end of left-wing politics in Greece.

It might be true that Alexis Tsipras has given hope to a worn out nation, but it has been the wrong kind of hope. Feeding on people’s shock and disillusionment, his party enjoyed a UKIP-like surge making promises about changing the country and the continent.

These promises (higher wages, lower taxes, a bigger public sector, complete disregard towards European and international institutions) are not new. They are what the late Andreas Papandreou

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Ewan Morrison – YES: Why I Joined Yes and Why I Changed to No

Originally posted on wakeupscotland:

 Ewan Morrison is an award-winning Scottish author and screenwriter.

how one word silencedFour months ago I joined the Yes camp out of a desire to take part in the great debate that the Yes camp told me was taking place within their ranks. Being a doubter I thought maybe I’d failed to find this debate and that it was exclusive to the membership of the Yes camp, so I joined hoping I could locate it and take part. But even as I was accepted into the ranks – after my ‘Morrison votes Yes’ article in Bella Caledonia, I noted that 5 out of the meagre 20 comments I received berated me for either not having decided sooner or for having questioned Yes at all. Another said, and I paraphrase: ‘Well if he’s had to mull it over he could easily switch to the other side.’ That comment in Bella Caledonia worked away…

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