Why Has Mark Carney Not Been FIRED?


David Cameron had the decency to resign, George Osborne got the big boot from the new incoming PM Theresa May, but can anyone tell me why Mark Carney (ex Goldman Sachs) at the Bank of England still clings onto his job? More to the point why has no one in the new Tory govt fired him and sent him packing back to Canada.

Two former Chancellors of the Exchequer – Lord Lawson and Lord Lamont – challenged Carney’s behaviour: “There has been startling dishonesty in the economic debate, with a woeful failure on the part of the Bank of England, the Treasury, and other official sources to present a fair and balanced analysis,” they said. “They have been peddling phoney forecasts and scare stories to back up the attempts of David Cameron and George Osborne to frighten the electorate into voting Remain.”

The former Governor of the Bank of England, Lord King, said the “scaremongering tactics” meant it was “the most dispiriting campaign in my lifetime”. After the referendum result King added: “We are now in a better position to rebalance the UK economy.”

Recently Mark Carney and his assistant flunkey at the BoE have been back peddling furiously, oh we were too pessimistic in our predictions (thats translation for – we blatantly distorted the forecasts to fit our own anti Brexit narrative) But they cloak it all in that dull economic dialogue so it sounds like its always someone else’s fault, but not theirs? There is an interesting article in Heat Street showing how Mark Carney got all his Brexit forecasts completely wrong. Oh please, do not insult our intelligence Mr. Carney, you manipulated those false forecasts to frighten everyone, hoping they would all reject the Brexit vote and vote for Remain, and now you are desperately trying to cover your tracks.

Is everyone suffering from post Brexit collective amnesia? Just wind the clock back before the EU ref result on the 23rd June. Mark Carney no doubt at the behest of the then PM Cameron and Chancellor Osborne was painting the very bleakest of economic pictures if we the UK electorate voted for Leave. Even Lord Lawson has publicly called for his resignation (below in a radio interview) calling his dire UK gloom mongering ‘disgraceful’.


He went way beyond any reasonable economic forecasts, he predicted doom and gloom on a massive scale, almost threatening total economic collapse within the UK. Osborne did much the same, but he got fired for his dire predictions. Mark Carney still sits in charge of the Bank of England like it was all just a bad dream and that he remembers nothing. Does he really think we have all forgotten what he said during the EU ref? All that distorted manipulative information he pumped out.


All those apocalyptic economic predictions he made have now been proven not only worthless but flagrantly false and untrue. This is the man in charge of our national finances and interest rates. Mark Carney’s post Brexit predictions have now been ridiculed and derided by many world economists. How can this man have the temerity to cling onto his job and expect all his mistakes to be forgiven and forgotten. Pack your bags Mark Carney and head for Heathrow airport ASAP. Theresa May should have sacked him straight away when she entered Number 10.

Yet it was still pretty shocking that the Bank of England’s reputation for professionalism and impartiality was so casually squandered. There are two problems. First of all, the Bank of England shouldn’t get involved in telling us how to vote. Secondly, the prediction that voting for Brexit would mean voting for an immediate recession has been proved false.

What makes it all the worse is the lack of any hint of contrition from Carney for his misjudgment. He told the Treasury Select Committee last week that he is “absolutely serene”. But his behaviour means that subsequent decisions by the Bank have been distorted.

I tried to look for an interesting interview on youtube but Mark Carney pontificates and just tries to bamboozle his audience with figures and statistics.. He just cannot admit to the UK public all his grossly false misinterpretations, falsehoods and untruths he told us all during the EU ref concerning Brexit. RESIGN Mark Carney, or better still someone please FIRE him.


Labour Wars and the Slow Death of the UK Left


Labour wars or blood wars, take your pick as there is blood all over the place, its splattered on all over the walls. Sit back and enjoy the show as the UK left devours itself from the inside out. Jeremy Corbyn defiantly refuses to relinquish his leadership and wins and is re-elected as Labour leader. Needless to say the more moderate parliament MPs (PLP) will be grinding their teeth and cursing quietly under their breath in their frustration. Corbyn is like a very large heavy rock, he is unmovable, and they just can’t seem to get rid of him.

Owen Smith played on his Welsh socialist roots from the valley etc, but he failed to convince the majority of card carrying Labour members. For all his left socialist rhetoric people just thought he had a slight touch of the Tony Blair in him, he looks alittle too much like a PR man, and right now thats like the kiss of death within the Labour party as it lurches ever more to the hard left.

This is not the end of Labour wars, no this is just the beginning and as a right winger I am just over the moon. It will now take Labour many years to heal and get their act together once again. Labour voters are leaving Labour in massive droves and moving to the right. Why? well in one word Brexit, yes Brexit did it, it cut the ties many traditional life long Labour voters had with the left and the Labour party. Expect more votes for the Tories, but even more votes for UKIP at the next 2020 elections.


Brexit made many Labour voters realise that they did not have to vote the same old way just out of a sense of tradition and of old family habits. They actually woke up and realised that their Uni educated metro Labour MPs where really much more interested in their own parliament careers than listening to their constituents ranting on about uncontrolled immigration. Its no secret what many Labour MPs really think of their core voters, they are all ignorant knuckle dragging racists. Labour MPs have been neglecting their faithful but docile working class voters for decades, well London does feel a long way from Huddersfield, Gateshead or Barnsley these days.

Farage came along and just made them fully aware that they could vote for another party like UKIP, and come the 2020 elections they will do just that, make no mistake about it. Labour voters are essentially sick and tired of three main things – the EU, immigration and being totally taken for granted by Labour.


Mean while the world view in trendy multicultural London is completely and utterly different from many Labour voters. Corbyn lives in leafty posh Islington, as does many of his Corbynista London allies and followers. Labour as always been more than alittle ashamed of any form of national pride or patriotism, all that British empire historical baggage makes socialists like Corbyn cringe and squirm in his shoes. After decades of being brainwashed by the left, that old slur of being called a ‘racist’ as now lost all of its meaning, it is meaningless. Hipster multicultural London may well be the last stonghold of Labour in the years to come.

People have realised they do not have to be force fed into accepting a Labour version of a multicultural blob of our society, we can get to choose how we want to live in our neighborhoods towns, and cities. The Labour elite, thats Corbyn and his Momentum chums,  have lost their almost hypnotic hold over their long time core Labour voters, its like the spell has been broken. Labour voters are not interested in high academic waffling ideals and campus student politico babble, and all the so called ‘experts'(yes all the ones that lied during the EU ref)  they just see what is happening around them in their own neighborhoods, what is happening in their schools and with their intrusive and interfering PC local Councils.


No more listening to stale pontificating academics and fanatical feminists preaching to us daily via our lefty mainstream media on how we should all be living, being forced into embracing multiculturalism, those days are now gone, finished. The genie is now out of the bottle as they say. People have rediscovered their national identities and the left really hate and despises all this happening, for the hard left they literally have fantasies, dreaming of  a global UN world style govt. They would like nothing better than to see out parliament become just a empty museum piece.

The left’s dogma is essentially death to all forms of patriotism and national identities, and this is where Labour have really messed things up big time. Traditional Labour voters do not relate to that warped vision of the future, they dislike multiculturalism, and now they totally reject being brainwashed by the left into feeling ashamed of all that false lefty white guilt nonsense just because they choose to call themselves English. Its like people are coming out of a very long coma and seeing things clearly.

I personally think the UK left is going to fracture into more smaller groupings, Labour will evidently shrink as it loses political power (less seats in parliament less MPs) the LibDems and Greens will remain small parties So in reality as the right grows the UK left will shrink and contract. Labour will have to resign itself into forming new left coalitions or alliances as its political power declines. Corbyn may say Labour have now over half a million party members, but thats all fine and dandy, but you are not going to win a general election with just half a million votes. Its the whole electorate stupid, its their votes that really matters, not the card carrying party faithful.


I am just glad the UK is now swinging to the right with a real gusto, we are getting out of the lethargic moribund EU and rejoining the energetic Anglosphere in trade via the Brexit win. Happy days ahead people. PS Keep up the good work Jeremy – destroying the Labour party from within,  he is the right’s best secret weapon by far. Corbyn is not a socialist, is a closet communist, just take a look at his past 30 years, though he does his best to try and hide it. Labour will self destruction with the help of Momentum, but Ssssh don’t tell Labour, they haven’t really figured all that out yet.

Just a small addition to add, as the pro EU LibDems are also a small addition (only 8 MPs) Tim Farron is in many ways even more barmy left wing and deluded than Corbyn. He is determined to blatantly ignore 17.4 million Brexit voters, berating to them all on how they made the wrong choice in voting for Brexit. At least Corbyn is a secret closet Brextier, Tim Farron is like a kamikaze pilot refusing to change course. As for the even smaller eco nutjob Greens, well they are hardly a political threat in the UK. Well keep the faith people, we do live in interesting times, pass the popcorn, we are now watching the slow death of the UK left.



1460251219669In today’s world of the victim complex responsibility as almost now become a redundant term in the English language, and no one uses this tactic quite like feminists. Every action, every situation, every circumstance is someone else’s fault, yeah you guessed it –  men. Feminists walk around in this warped mental state like they are dragging around their own life size wooden cross, plus the mega victim complex that goes with it.

So lets have a look at what I call the ‘Maria Mint’ Saga, ie now a ex employee of Nintendo, Alison Rapp. OK I am not going into all the history of this person and so on, just needless to say she was an employee of the company, a staunch feminist, into Japanese anime, and has some rather dubious views on the age limit of sexual consent.

Anyway she gets fired from Nintendo and immediately goes off on a major rant against gamergate, she is being ‘persecuted’ and ‘harassed’ by GGers, all the usual favourite standard tactics of feminists. Damsel in distress, the babe in the woods routine, that we have witnessed so many times in the  past and in the present.

Meanwhile Nintendo were extremely restrained and remained quite on the real reasons for her dismissal, offering a rather vague and opaque explanation. All the feminists on tumblr where by now having a collective hissy fit and meltdown, she must have got fired just because she as a vagina right, its because she is a woman, its the evil patriarchy at work bla bla, usual feminist drivel, er well no actually, she got fired because she was found out working as a  prostitute whilst also working for Nintendo (well that was her day job) clearly these two jobs where incompatible with Nintendo company employment rules.So she LIED about the whole sordid saga, or maybe it was just a big memory lapse on her part and she forgot to tell her boss the whole truth? yeah right.

Well then a few weeks later it all comes out Miss goody two shoes was out selling her physical wares as a escort call girl as ‘Maria Mint’, but trying to be classy she went up market $250 an hour, $2000 for a night, there is an extensive menu price list $$$$$$  (below). Now here is the thing, you cannot be ‘doxed’ if you openly put up lots of sexy soft porn pics on a call girl website, thats your choice remember, your decision, no one else’s. Nintendo had every right to fire Alison Rapp @alisonrapp for her out of office hours extra activities, she was after all was an employee of their company. You cannot play Miss babe in the woods, damseling online to everyone about the evil oppressive patriarchy , and then make $250 an hour selling your ass, so can you put away your victim complex, please?


When a feminist is caught out blatantly lying, she then rushes to the police claiming she is being ‘threatened’, ‘persecuted’ er from what exactly? her own self deluded neurotic paranoia, or just virtue signalling for ever more attention, I am thinking a mixture of the two. This whole situation is one of her own making. But for some strange weird reason the police fall for it every time hook, line, and sinker. Oh! just look at those sad puppy eyes, she must be telling the truth?? right? Er no officer she is on the game selling her ass $$$$$$, if you cannot even see that you will never make detective. Don’t police bother to check people’s stories any more?, she is working as a professional call girl.

Actually I think feminists have got away with that please help me officer I am a soft vulnerable female bullsh*t for quite some time now, but even the jelly brained mainstream media and the PC pro feminist journalists are slowly and finally waking up to all this gross deception, lies and false alarms from feminists. Pulling all those fire alarms, Oh there is a bomb threat in the building, plus making all kinds of crazy false sexual allegations is now meet with eye rolls at so many police stations, and women you have only feminists to thank for all of that. Female credibility as now hit rock bottom.

Maria Mint (thats her working escort name) its time to grow up and get rid of that massive persecution complex you carrying around with you? Its just a shame that most mainstream journalists are so sloppy and lazy in their own research, they conveniently and blatantly dis-regard actual facts for feminist feelz. I think there is a pervasive culture in journalism, they are more worried about their PC credibility than mere facts. and are more than content to ignore facts if it goes against the own narrative of their story. Alison Rapp has been found out to be manipulative and lying and still the mainstream PC media protect her. Its little wonder people now look for alternative news online.

Why is Obama Being So Anti British and Anti Brexit?


Interesting question, is Obama as USA President and his White House staff anti British, because its certainly starting to feel that way recently in the media. The so called ‘special relationship’ is starting to feel very strained especially on the contentious topic of Brexit. 1st Obama makes some very harsh rhetoric stating the UK will be cast adrift by the USA concerning bilateral trade if the UK decides to leave the EU after a EU referendum. This is pretty strong stuff, no diplomatic oh! lets sugar coat the pill for the British, this is Obama telling the UK in no unconcern terms – DON’T rock the EU boat and blatant scaremongering  So why is this happening, why is the Obama White House so rattled and annoyed?

The UK is a big trading nation, ranked 5th in the world, we do an immense amount of both imports and exports to the USA across the Atlantic in trade. Is President Obama really going to abandon all that bilateral precious trade and pull the plug? its so absurd, its almost a parody.So why all the bluster and harsh rhetoric coming out of the White House. Is Uncle Sam really willing to turn its back on the UK in our many varied aspects of world trade, I don’t think so, and its so ridiculous as Nigel Farage as stated in the media. So whats this USA beef all about. Its now been revealed that USA trade representative  Michael Froman @MikeFroman Obama’s close friend has worked for the EU Commission in the past, well what a surprise? plus even more recently its also now been revealed his wife also worked for the EU. Obama is making a big mistake in calculating the mood of the British people over the whole EU referendum and Brexit affair, the EU OUT camp grows bigger and stronger almost daily.



I am starting to think Obama as some deep seated issues with the British. Is he dragging around some hang ups from his Kenyan family roots? some colonial angst guilt about his personal roots. Brexit is a very hot contentious topic in the UK right now, even the UK CBI has been involved in dirty tricks to manipulate the debate for the IN camp, many people now feel the EU and Brussels has become far too powerful and over bearing. Many UK citizens want their powers returned to our own legal courts and our own parliament out of the hands of petty eurocrats dictating and enforcing EU regulations towards the UK. How all this Obama thinks concerns him is beyond me. Brexit concerns the future of the UK and its citizens upmost and foremost, not Uncle Sam. If the UK leaves the EU, the UK will still trade with the world and the USA, the sky will not fall down on our heads etc, as Brussels eurocrats like to scaremonger everyone into believing.


Then he gets his trade representative Michael Froman @MikeFroman to weight in on the Brexit debate. The USA will not seek a bilateral trade agreement with the UK if the UK leaves the EU via a EUreferendum, really, again totally bizarre? The USA has bilateral trade agreements with China, Australia, Oman, Brazil, I could go on but its a long list. So seriously Obama and Michael Froman will ignore and shun a bilateral trade deal deal with the UK over a Brexit. Oh! wait these two men will not even be in power in 15 months, when Brexit occurs they will be outside the White House no longer in office. Obama will be charging $100,000 for his dinner speeches on the speech circuit and writing his memoirs. Michael Froman will most likely return to Harvard or Princeton as a honoury Ivy League professor and bore all his students to death. So in essence their present day harsh rhetoric is totally meaningless.John+Kerry+Speaks+SelectUSA+2013+Investment+wBriBHRzUmFl

Bottom line is many Brits do not want any more encroaching creeping powers of the EU slowing chipping away at our own national sovereignty and democracy, its just that simple. Many top economists believe the UK economy can thrive and prosper if a Brexit occurred. As a lawyer if Mr. Obama finds that hard to understand, well frankly thats his problem not ours. The EU started out as a sort of loose trade confederation but it has morphed into this bureaucratic monster that demands ever more and more power from national parliaments, plus it has a thinly veiled socialist mantra and ethos of ever higher taxes and more and more endless regulation. We British believe in lower taxes, less bureaucracy, and open free trade, and it seems to us in the UK that what the EU wants is the exact opposite. Well then maybe its time for us to part company, we will still trade with all Europe nations of course but no more EU directives from Brussels and no more ECHR court rulings from Strasbourg. Its time for the UK to rejoin the Anglosphere and trade freely in a global world including our American cousins across the Atlantic just minus your present incumbent President Obama.


Feminism Is a Disease Thats Killing Our Society

Instead of doing just one long blogpost I decided to do three or four short examples of the never ending and expanding feminist mindset or group think that is infecting and creeping into all out daily lifes.


A UK Labour MP decides to laugh at the mere suggestion of a ‘Mens Day’. Womens day is very PC, we all have to swallow all the feminist group think, but a Mens Day is ridiculed by feminist Jess Philips MP @jessphillips at a House of Commons back benchers hearing.


Male suicide rates are going through the roof, divorced fathers are ostracised from their children by vindictive mothers and assisted by a heavily female biased family court system in the UK, the feminisation of our education system in schools is failing boys dramatically. But Jess Philips MP thinks this is all just a big joke when proposed by Philip Davies MP @PhilipDaviesMP  here on House of Commons video and she laughs. She should be ashamed of herself as a elected MP, This is the pervading group think with feminists like Jess Philips MP @jessphillips, men are now treated as 2nd class citizens by PC politicians, the media, academics, and many journalists.


3rd wave feminism as created a complete new victim culture wthin our society, everything is an offence, women are offended by everything and anything especially if it is male and white. God help any young male student stepping onto a college or university campus and that applies to both sides of the Atlantic.


The USA Title IX draconian self regulating campus quasi court system as thrown away any form of ‘due process’ of sexual allegations’ made. Its now a academic matra of guilty, guilty, guilty, regardless of any solid facts or hard evidence put forward for proper examination. The mere allegation is enough to ruin a young mans life on campus and he is expelled without being able to defend himself. That vindictive slur, that false sexual allegation does not go away, its on his record for life. Young men are now seeking proper legal process by suing their colleges and universities for blatant neglect of their proper legal rights. This I fear will only increase as more and more men will sue through the courts.


It has become so bad, so biased towards male students especially in the USA that there are mens rights groups now handing out information to male students to be aware of their legal rights, or total lack of them on campus. A example below –  Consent is now so mind boggling complex and vague, anything now is considered sexual assault even just kissing or flirting. Many men are now advised to DATE OFF CAMPUS to avoid the persecution by the whole Title IX system.



Femnazi is a tern or expression many people may think is exaggerated, think again. There is a UK feminist journalist Julie Burchill @JulieBurchill that openly advocates that all men should be held in prison camps, YES – PRISON CAMPS. But feminism constantly talks about ‘equality; right??

Don’t be fooled, feminism is a corrupt ideology that its ultimate aim is to destroy any and all gender identity and introduce strict censorship laws on the internet. Mean while the liberal media does nothing to expose Julie Burchill @JulieBurchill sick feminist ideology, WHY? Just imagine for one moment if a man wrote all women should be held in prison camps, I think you can imagine the response, the media backlash. A woman writes it and the media does not even bat an eyelid. But remind me again, feminism is all about equality?

Captufgrtyhh (2)


I mentioned feminists wish to censor the internet, again many people not familiar with the feminist mindset will think that statement is an exaggeration. You see feminists feed on our apathy, our lack of concern, our mental laziness to just let things slide until its all too late. There is a man in Toronto, Canada right now that is facing a possible prison sentence for 6 months just for disagreeing with feminists online on twitter.

His name is Gregory Elliott  @greg_a_elliott and he got into a online debate with three rather nasty radfem feminists Steph Guthrie @amirightfolks Heather Reilly @LadySnarksalot Paisley Rae @paisleyrae. maybe heated but hardly in any way abusive.

Court judges seem to be incredibility gullible when a demure women stands in front of them, Vagina – weak, vulnerable, Penis – nasty, bad. Three radfem feminists played the ‘harassment card’, we are victims, even though all the twitter recorded tweets where proven to be no more offensive then a healthy if not heated online debate..Gregory Elloitt @greg_a_elliott is now facing a possible 6 months in jail for just disagreeing with 3 feminists. This is censorship of free speech dressed up as 3 women claiming ‘harassment’ and the Canadian police falling for it all, hook, line and sinker. Is this the future,, any women that gets offended by remarks online calls the police and men are thrown in prison for just expressing a different opinion because its not PC and conformist.to the feminist thought police.

So thats just 4 examples of how feminism is creeping away, stripping men of their fundamental rights of liberty and free speech.  But to listen to the mainstream media women are suffering because the office air conditioning is too low, or men sit next to them on public transport with their legs too wide apart. Men have just had enough of all this biased one sided debate in feminism, the male pushback begins NOW! Feminism is openly rampant within all aspects of our academia and universities and certainly most (though not all) journalists are pro feminist, so the media remains extremely biased and negative towards the portrayal men.


Tories Pitbull Turns Out To Be a Big Soft Puppy!

  • cjq1tywwiae-sdx1-e1436283732557One thing you can guarantee is politicians will never fail to disappoint you, and they do it in spades. The Tories moaned and complained endlessly about the ‘biased BBC’ when they where in the last coalition govt with the LibDems. Some what fettered by the coalition they lacked the real power to do anything, understandable. Fast forward to the last UK elections, Tories get a small majority and are now in govt all by themselves, happy days you would think – wrong!

  • Cameron selects real political bruiser to take on the BBC, a pitbull, a real rottweiler, take a sharp intake of breath for some radical reforms of the BBC. End result out stumbles a small cuddly puppy called @JWhittingdale John Whittingdale secretary for culture, media etc. Not so much as a growl more like big sad puppy eyes and can I lick your nose and play with some string. What does he pull out of his ministerial bag, lots of soppy watered down proposals for the BBC. These are hardly bold or radical, just tweaking the BBC alittle here and there. John Whittingdale at the behest of PM Cameron has completely caved into the BBC, its just that simple. The BBC waste’s money by the truckload, is well documented in the media.CGzJrKvUAAEvoLj


  • The BBC will not survive in the digital age if it does not face up to its massive waste and over spending. Tony Hall keeps talking about a ‘BBC transformation’ but turkeys don’t vote for Christmas do they. The Tories have failed to challenge the BBC, timid and lacking in resolve they have cowered to the BBC demands. It has to be said Nigel Farage would have been much bolder towards the BBC, the Tories are lost sight of their free market beliefs. Are you listening Mr Cameron? you could have implemented these changes. What’s the point of having power if you just sit on your hands?  There are 165,00 signatures and growing to end the BBC, but what’s the point if politicians and govt just ignore these online petitions as they do?


  • The free over 75s Licence fee is some what of a smoke screen. Tony Hall gets a cosy letter from George Osborne ( how to con the viewers). Firstly the BBC is not paying for the ‘free’ over 75s Licence Fee’s, we are with the new £10 increase. But the real hidden agenda is TV catch up, its well known that its been a real thorn in the side of the BBC as its been haemorrhaging money via people watching for free via iPlayer and other forms of catch up. Bottom line is the BBC as, and is losing money with this legal loophole of people not watching ‘live’ content but catch up content.kjhygtrf

  • The BBC cannot control the internet, just like all other media. Here is a copy of the John Wittingdale’s statement declaring in future the BBC is going to INCLUDE all forms of content live and catch up. That will include any form of TV catch up on tablet, laptop, mobile, within the remit of the BBC Licence.

    To add insult to injury we then have to watch the BBC interview the BBC, in essence the BBC is interviewing itself, its complete vomitsville! Viewers? what viewers, where are they? BBC knows best, keep the plebs out., they will just say nasty things about us. Here is BBC2 newsnight chatting with Danny Cohen (a paid BBC employee, salary £320,000) telling us all how great he thinks the BBC is? Well he would say that earning that kind of cash ££££, he is hardly going to declare – Oh I think the BBC is really crap and it wastes truckloads of our cash, he would be out of his well paid job.  


  • The BBC says it is cutting 1,000 jobs, trimming the fat, the BBC is still a vast organisation employing 19,000 people. Tony Hall says the BBC Licence Fee will last another 10 years? he is hoping,  the clock is ticking Tony, The BBC throws our Licence Fee money around like a drunk at a wedding. Drink up everyone, those gullible UK TV tax payers are footing the bill, cheers! Tony Hall is paid £450,000, thats 3 x more than the Prime Minister of the UK. The BBC may be liked around the world but is unpopular in the UK with its arrogance, wastefulness, and leftie arty farty liberal bias, Well its not over yet, there is going to be a colossal blacklash now both towards the bloated  BBC and also the Tories for cosying up together.

    Cameron had better listen to the voters who put him in Number 10, we can just as easily kick his arse OUT again! Get rid of the puppy and get a real pitbull to take on the bloated BBC? I will be blogging more on this contentious issue in the months ahead.

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A Dutch Man Who as The Courage To Speak, While Many European Politician’s Remain Silent

I cannot confess to know a great deal about Dutch politics being in the UK. Most Brits are still confused whether to actually call the country Holland or the Netherlands? The only Dutch political party I have ever heard of is the D66 party, its a liberal centre party with a popular visible presence on twitter.. Like most European countries the Netherlands as a broad spectrum of political parties like the Christian Democrats CDA (centre right) and socialists parties on the left. There are many more parties of different political shades here if you wish to familiarise yourself more with all Dutch political parties There as always been a loose bond between Netherlands  and the UK, both are countries which are proponents of enlightened democracies and free trading nations. Something like 85% of Dutch people speak English, the highest percentage in Europe, which never ceases to is amaze me when ever I visit the Netherlands.

But the whole of Europe, like the Netherlands is going through a type of deep cultural crisis and change. Europe since the 1960’s and the 1970’s as had decades of corrective thinking, multiculturalism, gender studies, all this as emanated from the European academic left and the political left. To criticise those decades of ingrained ideology at that time you would be quickly labelled a ignorant racist etc. Europe had become so PC, so politically correct, everyone was afraid of expressing any real or true opinions due to looking out of step with long established accepted ideals.

Now there as been a definite and perceptible mood swing in the opposite direction, people are starting to question this fuzzy warm socialist way of accepting facts that everything in this world must be equal, by order of some government body full of left leaning academics. The pervading and growing threat of Islamic fundamentalists as woken many people up from their politically correct multicultural slumbers. Example – There are now thousands of mosques right across Europe, but there as not been one single church built in Saudi Arabia. Europeans are starting to question their easy going liberal beliefs. One man, a Dutch man stepped right up to the plate and spoke about the growing threat of radical Islam, the elephant in the room that everyone was so nervous to discuss, the growing threat of Islam in Europe.

Many elite politicians, journalists, academics, all tactfully avoided the subject for fear of offending the decades of politically correct dogma that we have all been spoon fed on for so long. The one man who spoke up and is still speaking out, is Geert Wilders of the PVV Dutch party. He is out spoken and clearly states what he believes in, and in a age of clone politicians all being media managed, well its a breath of fresh air to the stifling and suffocating atmosphere of the the modern PC world we all now live in. The EU in Brussels  is in a sort of semi state of panic as they now have labelled any out spoken political parties in Europe as ‘populist’, but isn’t that what democracy is supposed to be all about. Maybe Brussels as forgotten that simple democratic principle, when you stop listening to your citizens and your voters, well maybe its time for all the over paid eurocrats and the Brussels professional career politicians to go, just depart and leave their political office’s ASAP. Europe now needs a new direction, in a new world.