Spain – The useless do not get fired, and the useful do not get hired.

Spain as that peculiar mindset that exists in the Mediterranean mentality.Wraps itself up in red tape and bureaucracy and strangle’s its own economy,so economic growth is so weak or none existence at all.
No wonder Spanish company’s are nervous about hiring new employee’s as they are stuck with them for ever. Spain’s job market is far too rigid and inflexible.
The useless do not get fired,and the useful do not get hired.Its some what ironic the more legislation that is passed to protect jobs the more employers are reluctant to expand with new jobs.Think it is a problem than exists within many eurozone countries like France etc,though seems a wide spread problem within the Mediterranean EU economies.

Think the video below says it all really about Spain’s obsession about red tape.

A link to The Economist related article



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  1. I have lived in Spain for many years and it’s completely true. It takes forever to get anything done. “You can’t do that”, you need to make an appointment for an appointment, 7 stamped pieces of paper when one will do. It’s ridiculous and it completely strangles the country. Spain is not a place for entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to get on in life. It’s a huge price to pay for living in the sunshine. Spain is a wonderful country with an amazing history and culture but the attitude toward modern business is obstructive. It’s like they don’t want you to do well, they don’t want new business. It costs huge amounts of money to set up a business, endless permits, documents, inspections and more permits, huge national insurance bills, it’s ridiculous. It is utterly clear why 50% of the population are unemployed. It’s too expensive to set up on your own, certainly as a young person just setting out. Employers are so tied up in red tape ‘protection’ of their employees that they won’t risk taking people on or expanding. The whole country is at deadlock with no way out. If ‘we’ bail them out it will just be another Greece or Portugal, the EU will never ever see that money again because Spain like Greece or Portugal are completely incapable of raising such funds – ever. And that my friends is why ‘Europe’ and the Euro could never ever work. Hard working rich countries propping up work shy, lazy, incompetent counties’ economies. – Never gonna work.
    Don’t get me started on Spain in the EU. When it suits Spain (like billions of € funding for shiny new motorways or high speed trains) they’re in the EU, when it comes to following EU law – Forget it! It took Spain 5 years to finally implement Euro wide smoking bans.
    Your EU professional qualifications? No, you need a Spanish one. But wait a minute, it’s an EU wide accepted professional qualification and must be acceptable in all EU countries right? No you need an inferior Spanish version. Ok so just like England and Germany that qualification exam must be offered (as per EU law) in multiple languages right? No you have to do it in Spanish.
    Spain I am sad to say is still decades behind northern Europe in their attitudes towards business and their fellow europeans. Spain is endemically racist, greedy, lazy and jealous.
    So why don’t I just sod off back to Blighty if it’s so bad? That’s easy – the weather 🙂


    • Thanks for your comment, actually its more insightful than my blogpost and much longer. I totally agree, the EU passes all these endless EU ‘directives’ concerning professional qualifications and southern EU countries just ignores them and demand their own national qualifications are only valid. I think this is why the EU is a failure, there is a completely different work ethic and cultural mindset between northern Europe and southern Europe.

      I am sure most people trying to start up their own SME in Spain, Portugal, Italy or Greece just give up eventually due to the complex bureaucracy,the expensive fee’s, and semi corrupt procedures they have to all jump through.. Spain does itself no favours forcing all of its young Spanish entrepreneurs to leave the country if they want to get on. The Latin mentality is I believe anti business, and fails its citizens miserably. All those frustrated Spanish entrepreneurs just move and relocate to London, Berlin or Amsterdam. Anyway come the 23rd of June this year I hope we, the Brits say goodbye to it all and vote to get out of the EU and Brussels. Thanks again for your comment, cheers.


    • I think this video says it all really about Spain’s red tape.


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