Marseilles, Ryanair, and French Economic Suicide?


Ever tried walking into a very strong head wind,where you have to lean into it to make progress walking? Well that’s very similar to French employment law. Basically its designed to discourage any foreign investment or companies,wanting to set up shop in France?

In Marseilles in southern France the French unions together with the French employment regulators kicked up a big fuss over Michael O’Leary budget airline Ryanair and there use of Irish employment contracts for its staff in Marseilles.

Quote – “A furious O’Leary, fearing large fines, said he would remove his staff and from Tuesday, Ryanair will no longer have its Mediterranean hub in the French port. Its aircraft and 200 jobs will be moved to rival airports in Spain, Italy and Lithuania in protest at what O’Leary called the “ill-judged” ways of France”.

Well who can blame him.Its almost as if the French want investors to leave the country,and they are succeeding. But who really looses is the question.Well the French airline traveller for one,as less choice for them,and as to buy more expensive fares from the likes of Air France. Its been estimated that over 4 years Ryanair’s cheap flights have resulted in more €550 million being injected into the local economy. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot Marseilles?

Quote – “rightwing MPs and the chamber of commerce sided with Ryanair against unions, complaining that France was backward and uncompetitive”. But the damage as already been done,and jobs will be lost as Ryanair abandon’s  Marseilles. With such bad publicity for France,how many foreign companies will look at France to consider moving there,and then avoid it like the plague.

Yes a 35 hour working week will soon become a zero hour working week,as so many jobs will eventually be lost,with such rigid cast iron French employment laws?

Link >> Ryanair pulls staff and planes out of Marseille



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  1. Well we seem to be of the same mind. I am baffled by press statements that the French economy is actually growing at all, as heavy regulation union laws and state protectionism is the norm in France. Economically China is going forward, and I am afraid Europe is going backwards with ever more regulation and bureaucracy.


  2. This is just plain dumb. I cant believe the french let these sloth unions do this and get away with it. Now the french flyers are hostage to Air inefficient and debt-laden airline propped up by govt taxpayers pumping millions of francs annually to keep it afloat. The business community will look harshly at france after this move, but not to worry, over time, they will just move to other cheaper EU nations, with the rise of the east , France will soon be yesteryear news in trade, commerce and rank in global standing. And the next time, there will be no bailouts, so the lazy 35hour work week workers will really have no one to blame, but get extinct. We had that in the US steel industry in the 1930’s. Refused to change till it was too late and they became dinosaurs and a case study on biz101


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