The European Left are in a State of Despair

The European left seem to be in a state of angst,almost bordering on despair? The great euro dream seems to be coming apart at the seams,even though Barosso and the Brussels elite are putting on a brave face for the camera’s.So why is this all happening,and there seems to be a European swing to the right in many European countries?

It seems while the EU elite where engrossed in dreaming up there euroland paradise,passing endless directives almost to the point we were all having to fill in a ‘Health and Safety’ form before we ventured away from our front doors; that they had lost sight of what really mattered to normal people.To use that eternal quote ‘Its the economy stupid’. People worry about jobs,employment,and cost of living.The EU parliament and the commission are more concerned whether you are going to burn yourself on that new toaster you just bought?

So as the years have passed slowly there is this gulf the size of the Grand Canyon opening up between the EU bubble of the commission and the Brussels elite and the humble European citizen. First of all no one outside the Brussels bubble understands anything they say,as the EU technocrats speak with so many layers of complexity its enough to send most people listening straight into a coma? The EU technocrats realise this and are now desperately trying to be more user friendly,but moving at a glacial speed,as anyone who visits an official EU website knows. It still feels like swimming through wet concrete,as it slowly dry’s.

I think is is part of the many reason’s while people across Europe are moving more towards the political right,and abandoning the political left. There is a growing feeling of centralized power of the EU institutions in Brussels is stifling enterprise,and the large amount of EU waste that the  auditors refuse to sign off every year. I think these are the reasons people are abandoning the left and there dream of a European superstate run by the Brussels elite like Barroso.

We have the ludicrous spectacle of thousands of people, that’s all the MEPs and there entourage of assistants moving from Brussels to Strasbourg twice a year,costing millions of tax payers euro’s. The gravy train of MEPs expense’s and recent pay rises just alienates the people of Europe further away from the Kremlin type structures of the EU. Ending on that note I feel quite optimistic about the future as more and more voters flock to the political right,and abandon the EU institutions in Brussels as they slowly grow weaker,and then real democracy will return back to the people,were it truly belongs.



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  1. Privatising Royal Mail good idea? You should hear the Dutch about their experiences with the privatiserd post, TNT. The horror of it.


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