Portugal’s Economy is Dire,as they cannot even open up an Airport?

Yes it is true! There is a small provincial airport in Alentejo in the small town of Beja. It as been built at a cost of €30 million and as had more delays and delayed back dated openings dates than is imaginable.

Now I am a fairly relaxed person, but this airport is 3 years delayed in its opening.Every time it draws nearer to its promised opening date some official then declares  it will be another 6 months due to some ‘certificate’ as not been correctly processed,or some other rather lame excuse? I am all for safety,but this is a brand new Beja airport and the only thing inside it is cobwebs. It must be a spiders favourite hotel? No planes ever land there, and passengers are mere ghosts never to be seen or heard? The brand new check in desks don’t check anyone in, its a crying shame,as Alentejo really needs an airport for economic reasons as the region is lacking investment and jobs.

I then started to ponder and understand why northern Europe is more prosperous than its  southern European neighbours,and its not really that complicated. In the Meditereanean southern Europe everything is so delayed and complex than people just don’t question  anything any more and accept delay, its become the norm. But the constant delays on the opening of Beja airport speaks volumes about the growing divide between northern and southern EU countries economies.

In the past everyone just laughed and shrugged there shoulders to the Meditereanean way of doing things,but  we now live in a global world. I now understand why Portugal‘s economy is so dire and falling behind the rest of Europe, as a new €30 million airport remains closed due to endless red tape and bureaucracy. No EasyJet or Ryanair is landing there, and why would they want to? Beja airport,like the Portuguese economy is strangling itself in its own red tape? All this is happening while the province of Alentejo is crying out for investment and tourism, but the aviation officials and ANA,the airport operators,must ‘assess’ and ‘consult’ each other over every tiny detail?

Mmm maybe what the airport really needs are PASSENGERS and PLANES ?? No wonder Germany steams ahead while Portugal lags so far behind.


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