Why France’s Economy is Dysfunctional?

I watched this BBC news clip about the protected and very closed world of Avignon taxi’s and there drivers. The taxi drivers call themselves ‘artisans’ and have had the closed Avignon taxi market all to themselves for the last 70 years. Its very revealing how something as straight forward as being permitted to operate and drive a taxi  becomes so complex, bureaucratic, and very restricted, even with our modern day obsession with health and safety.

Basically costs an arm and leg no doubt to be an ‘official’ Avignon taxi driver. Which is really just code for being allowed to charge very high fares to passengers and tourists no doubt? There seems to be new blood entering the closed world of Avignon taxi travel, and yes you have guessed it the established taxi cabs are up in arms about it, well now there is a surprise? The new taxi operate a fraction of the cost, so pass on much cheaper taxi fares to passengers.

But without trying not to poke too much fun at the French fear of change and unionised protected status it also speak’s volumes about the mindset of the French economy and how it is in many ways is totally dysfunctional and entrenched in the status quo. If this taxi dispute is going on in Avignon, then I am sure many just disputes will be going on all over France. I must say I found it very revealing about the French mindset. Draw your own conclusions and watch the BBC news clip. Its well worth a watch attached below.

Why France’s Economy is Dysfunctional?



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  1. Cronyism is rampant, and syndicates fix prices to one degree or another, or limit who it is who can be in the business of everything from books to foodstuffs to shipping to furnishings. It’s more akin to a third world country than a modern society. Moreover, most of the time, licensing a businesses involves a bribe of one kind to another, either to a Mairie, an inspector, or a notaire.


    • Insightful and revealing comment from someone who actually lives in France. I confess I wonder how France achieves any economic growth at all, as its economy is so government controlled and enterprise restricted, as it as a much more Meditereanean mentality to controlling business?


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