Some Films get Oscars, Some Films get Thrown in a Dark Basement?

Slight change from European politics, everyone is weary of the Greece crisis, so thought lighten the mood and talk films. I enjoy watching films, as I am sure many people also do. Where is the harm in a few hours of escapism from the worlds troubles, though I have always been amazed how some films become the talk of the town, or should I say the talk of the media, and some great films literally never see the light of day?

I have always considered the Oscars to be a bit of a circus, sexy dresses, red carpets, and lots of paparazzi, and I am still waiting for my personal VIP invitation?? But seriously, how is it some films like ‘The Artist’ is showered with Oscar awards, and some great films are left on a dusty shelf in a dark room some where. The film ‘The Artist’ for me is nothing more than a romantic and nostalgic throw back to the silent era of Charlie Chaplin, Valentino, and Buster Keaton. I am thinking of the ageing actress in the film ‘Sunset Boulevard’; now there is a film that truly deserved its Oscar awards. Watching ‘The Artist’ I had to restrain myself from reaching for the stop button. Non plussed why everyone is so in awe of the film. Glad to see ‘Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy‘ film won a few Oscars though, and ‘The Descendants’ , well deserved in every aspect.

Some films get the red carpet treatment, and some just fly so far under the radar, no one even notices them at all. Take the great film ‘Snow Falling on Cedars’ with Ethan Hawke, completely ignored my the film critics when it should have been showered with awards, but I suppose its really the media that decides in today’s 24/7 world we all now live in.

Moving on to less cerebral matters and more entertainment value, two big Sci-Fi films to be released some time this spring and summer; the film ‘John Carter’ and ‘Prometheus’. Most likely to appeal much more to male viewers, as most female viewers are not particularly interested in anything Sci-Fi. Both films look visually well made. Looks like John Carter will save a world and get the woman of his desires, fairly predicable plot, but an entertaining romp non the less.

‘Prometheus’ is a much more darker, more serious film, and with the added bonus of director Ridley Scotts talents and skills. Watching the trailer below I would be surprised if it did not live up to high expectations. Ridley Scott always delivers as a skilled director.

Last mention of films I feel compelled to make as a life long fan of everything Herge and Tintin. I am not the biggest fan of director Steven Spielberg as he seems to sugar coat his films in a sugary mixture of sentimentality and mush. Lots of fathers and sons stuff, that cannot relate to each other and you get the idea, but I have to give credit where credit is due, ‘The Adventures of Tintin‘ film is a very watchable animation film. Doing a Tintin film cannot be very easy, as its really a children’s genre, and trying to make it more appealing to an adult audience, not to just Tintin fans. Though the film does is a pick and mixture from many Tintin books, and have a feeling there will be another film to follow in the future.

Well thats about the lot I think, blogposts should be short and sweet, and hopefully this one as been alittle more entertaining than the usual dry diet of eurozone politics.


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