EU regulators say telecoms block Skype and Other VoIP Services

Voice over Internet Protocol, how it works
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I am always amazed why the many EU institutions ponder why they are unloved by there European citizens. I understand many aspects of industry there are legal, technical, and cost considerations to be pondered in the  maze of EU regulators than no one as ever heard of, like in the telecom’s its BEREC. But some times there is a chance for the EU to shine, but what does the EU regulators do? They do what they do best, sit on there hands and do absolutely nothing?

Its not a 100% certain, but there as been strong suspicions for many years that the European telecom phone networks have been so called ‘throttling’ many Voip (Voice Over Internet Protocol) services like Skype. Why? because Voip call costs are just a fraction of the cost compared to making mobile calls around Europe. No surprise then that making and using VoIP have become extremely popular with European phone users. EU institutions are usually slow to move, so after a lengthy investigation came to the conclusion what most people surprisingly already knew –

“BEREC preliminary findings on traffic management practices in Europe show that blocking of VoIP traffic is common,” the group said in a statement.”EU regulators found that VoIP services such as Skype are mainly blocked by mobile operators. Peer-to-peer traffic, which allows exchange of files between Internet users, is also regularly slowed down or blocked by both fixed-line and mobile operators”.

European commissioner in charge of telecoms, Neelie Kroes is for the moment still sitting on the EU fence. It must be a crowded fence. As usual there is alot of EU babble talk about ‘competition and innovation’ but it amounts to nothing as VoIP services are being manipulated by European mobile networks to stifle and restrict open competition in the European telecom’s market. The European mobile telecom’s market is expensive and they do not want these upstarts called VoIP carriers coming along and taking there over charged and cherished customers away. Will Europe ever really have an open and free telcom’s network like the USA, or will it always just pretend to be. VoIP is here to stay and getting more, and more popular as people discover cheap and free calls over the internet.

Wake up Brussels and be the friend of the European customer. Will we all be old and grey, or in our graves long before action is taken? They say patience is a virtue, but when it comes to EU institutions actually doing something constructive, you begin  to feel more like Rip van Winkle? Below is the full article link from


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