Beja Airport – The Analysis Paralysis Infection?

beja3_1So the sad saga of Beja airport, the construction cost of 33€ million, and the analysis paralysis continues,. A classic EU vanity project that produces no results, only one passenger flight fly’s to Beja airport from Heathrow per week? yes thats right one flight per week. One security guard guards in an empty airport, there is nothing to steal because there is no one in the airport apart from the 17 staff paid to manage an empty airport? believe me I have been there and seen it, and believe me, visiting the deserted airport is a surreal experience The good news is ANA airport operators are to be privatised later this year,  along with the TAP airlines. Lack of any real competition within Portugal airport operators is a major problem in Portugal as monopolies take root and grow and become too dominant. I imagine these changes are being forced through by the so called ‘troika’ ECB, IMF, and Brussels to force more open competition within Portugal’s air travel industry. Long over due changes.

The analysis paralysis for the airport as become so bogged down and complex with yet more meetings, conferences, and ‘lets set up another task force’ etc, that people in charge are now so afraid to make actual clear simple decisions. The infection of the ‘analysis paralysis’ as taken deep roots in the management of Beja airport and local regional layer cake bureaucracy, when in doubt call another meeting? Hopefully when ANA is privatised later this year? some big structural changes will shake up the management of Beja airport, and commercial forces will come to bear on the airport, as then the government will turn off the cash taps; then Beja airport will be forced to operate as a normal regional passenger airport ASAP?

2011-08-05 15.52.04

OK so Easyjet and Ryanair have presently shown little interest in Beja airport, though that may change in the future, but there are more than just two airlines in the world, how about a little more motivation and drive by ANA to try and attract other possible airlines to operate flights to Beja. Please lets get away from the endless powerpoint presentations and pie charts and maybe just pick up the phone and talk to as many airline operators as possible. Beja airport is a small regional airport for the Alentejo region and it as to bang the drum to attract airlines, it as no special status etc. ANA have to stop talking, and start doing?


Meetings, analysis, and task forces; the Americans call this ‘analysis paralysis’. There is a time for reasonable analysis and then there is a time to get out of the conference room and actually do something real and constructive. Part of the major problem is Beja airport is mired in so many consultations and now everyone is afraid to make any clear decisive decisions, just more conferences, and meetings, that produce very little in terms of concrete results, plus the sad truth is there is high unemployment in the Alentejo region, the airport would provide vital jobs for people in the area. That is one of the reasons the airport was built for in the first place? to give a big boost for tourism with visiting tourists via the airport spending money in the surrounding cafes, restaurants and hotels.

Well paid jobsworths and consultants who have a vested interest in their well paid salaries and high fee’s. Endless powerpoint displays in a conference room are not going to change the fact that Beja airport as been badly managed, with a history of waste and incompetence, and surprise, surprise no one is held accountable. Lets hope with the government turning off the cash taps for ANA, Beja airport will be forced to function as a normal regional passenger airport, with real planes, real passengers and offer actual real flights? Yes! you need passengers and real flights for a airport to be a real airport, not a pretendy toy one?

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  1. How many people want to fly to Beja anyway?? The airport infrastructure is there, only missing resorts, tourism, etc! I rather fly to Faro or Lisbon imo.


  2. Rui da Silva 19/10/2013 — 6:16 pm

    Aigle Azur will be operating weekly flights into Beja from Paris, France, in 2014, starting on 12 April and ending in October.


    • So how many flights is that per week operating from Beja Airport now? 2 flights per week? Seriously ANA airport operators are a joke, a child could manage Beja airport better. Beja airport will be bankrupt in a couple of years if it does not attract more airlines to use its airport?


  3. Nice post! I agree that everyone should be focused on what can be done to get more passengers+cargo in as soon as possible. Also – very important – they must not ‘forget’ to go ahead and build the rest of the planned infrastructures in and around Beja because only then there will be a sustainable future for the airport and the region (as it was/is planned)! Fingers crossed! I will continue to disagree with the ‘history of waste and incompetence’ and ‘no one is held accountable’ as per results of the audit of the Tribunal de Contas, initial plans, etc.


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