Let’s Abolish The House of Lords, It’s a Dinosaur Waiting To Die

Capture 748House-of-Lords_2253554bLet me start by saying I have never been a big supporter of the UK House of Lords, but something happened that swung my opinion very much away from it. There is this old archaic and well practised UK political game of ping pong between the House of Commons and the House of Lords in Westminster. The House of Lords is the 2nd chamber and is getting larger all the time,its the revising chamber for Bills passing through to hopefully be made into law. Oh! did I forget to mention the small fact that the House of Commons is elected and the House of Lords is unelected. The EU Referendum Bill was passed to the House of Lords from the House of Commons for debate and revision, but then was quite systematically and deviously put to death, in other words blocked, end of the political line, and never to see the light of day.

Now the House of Lords knew that the people of the UK wanted to have this EU referendum, but cared little what the voters wanted, they blocked it, mostly Labour and Liberal Democrat Peers are to blame. These people are unelected and rejected the popular will of the people of the UK? The old House of Lords patronage system is becoming a crowded house of political appointees, fixed term, limited, or life Peers was tolerated as a historical and eccentric quirky part of the UK Westminster political system, ermine robes, wigs and all, like a old uncle at Christmas, but now thats all over, people have finally woken up to an outdated political system, though apparently not this peer below.


Time for this political cronyism to come to an end. It was recently well publicised in the media that half of all Lords clock in just to claim expenses for a £300 daily attendance allowance. It seems for many Lords, the House of Lords is just a cash cow for collecting money?The House of Lords ignore’s the will of the people at its own peril, this old dinosaur as out lived its existence. Lots of people are angry about the blocking of the EU referendum Bill which the country really wanted to have. So who killed the EU referendum Bill, here is the murder weapon with certain people’s fingerprints all over it? All hiding behind the long winded procedural and convoluted sittings of the House.


No other western democracy as a unelected 2nd chamber of law making. All politicians have to live with the uncomfortable fact that every 4 to 5 years they have to go out and face the voters and get re-elected for their political office, not so the House of Lords. The House of Lords as always been the elephants graveyard for political careers. Departing and resident UK Prime Ministers shower peerages on loyal followers as reward for their service when in office. Well its time for the old farts in the House of Lords to face up to voter reality, temporal, spiritual or otherwise, If you want to sit on the red benches then I suggest you all get off your arse’s and get elected like everyone else as too.

Not saying this big change is going to happen overnight, but slowly there is a changing ground swell of UK public opinion that an un-elected 2nd chamber is no longer defensible in a modern democratic age. Watch out dinosaurs the ice age is coming? Meanwhile it seems the Peers are more interested in their stomachs than scrutinizing legislation? It seems seared scallops, foie gras and champagne is not quite what it used to be, oh dear., and the installation of a new coffee machine attracted a series of complaints, about the “inferior” cappuccino’s. Anyone would think they were there just to eat and drink all day, and do no actual work?

Meanwhile PM Cameron is strongly aware people are unhappy about the blocking of the EU Referendum Bill in the House of Lords, and so as promised to use the Parliament Act to push through the EU referendum Bill by totally by passing the House of Lords and its blocking tactics, but only if he is re-elected back into Downing Street. Its a sort of sly tactic of holding a gun to the head of the voters, if you don’t re-elect me you don’t get your EU Referendum? Mmm well we all  remember your “cast iron pledge” Mr. Cameron?



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