New faces In Brussels But Same Old EU Commission

Well the May 2014 euro elections seem a long way away, only just now after long months of wrangling, intrigue, political bickering that the EU Commission officially declares its sorted out all the new EU Commissioners posts and ended the long drawn out convoluted musical chairs spectacle of the EU. Juncker is doing a meet and greet with all his new faces and got his PR flunkey to tweet all about it. New faces, new optimism, Mmm but wonder how long that will last before all the dire economic reality kicks in? I found it amusing that Draghi  of the ECB is keen to lecture to everyone about European economic’s while his own country of Italy’s economy is tanking downwards at a steady pace. Renzi is abit like Hollande in some respects, both are big talkers of reforms but there is little evidence that France and Italy are changing any of their bad old habits of spending money they don’t have on their bloated public sectors. When are European governments going to learn, you cannot spend your way out of a economic recession.

Mogherini is the new EU High Representative what ever that title actually means? but she cannot be any worse than Ashton. Ashton along with Barroso and Van Rompuy now sail off into the sunset with their extremely lavish EU pensions, generously paid for by European tax payers of course. Renzi pushed hard for Mogherini as it wins big points for him back in Italy with his own voters. Mogherini is a liberal leftie, so she will feel right at home in Brussels, its full of them, bursting at the steams. Donald Tusk is alittle more pro free market as the European Council President (I have given up trying to keep count of all the EU presidents). He is more pro free market but still as strong federalist EU instincts.

EU leaders Rompuy, Tusk and Mogherini

Why are they smiling so much, I think some one as just told them how much they will be getting paid in their new jobs, plus their generous expense accounts and perks. Mean while back in the UK Cameron is haemorrhaging Tory support to Ukip. He is a little like the story of the Dutch kid sticking his thumb in the leaking dam trying to stop the flooding, but British voters have grown restless and want action, not ever more political platitudes from Cameron, we have heard them all before.


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