Can’t Say I Have Ever Heard of Rand Paul, But I Have Now, And He is Inspiring!

Rand Paul speaks at Manchester company

I have never heard of Rand Paul, but I have now. I was just trawling through US politics on youtube and discovered this Republicam White House contender just by accident. This the kind of person I would be inspired to vote for, and I am not even a USA citizen, I am from across the pond in the UK. This is a person that his kind of political vision and ideals that may appeal to US conservative voters would, but would resonant easily with Conservative;s right across the the Anglosphere. People are hungry for politicians to have some kind of conviction, yes you have to widen your appeal to attract voters from the middle ground, but at least don’t be ashamed or afraid to declare what you actually believe me. Who wants to listen to a clone politician, no one, certainly not me.

Small govt, less red tape, more enterprise, more free trade, well yes I heard you say we all Conservatives say this standing at a election podium trying their best to inpress and to get elected.. What I like about Rand Paul is that he says it in a libertarian sort of way and in his laid back manner, but with a keen sense of common sense economics, promising to shrink and cut the bloated US public sector debt. I am sure he will declare that he is running for the White House some time soon. Interesting how himself and Ted Cruz will compete? who is going to become the Republican nominee or possibly just eventuallythey will both agree to amalgamate into a running pair, who knows.

Certainly keep a eye on Rand Paul. I only wish we had a Rand Paul type politician in the UK in our own up coming general election in May this year 2015. We are trying to keep out the socialists Labour and the SNP (Scottish Nationalist Party) parties out of Number 10. Well I will certainly watch out for Rand Paul’s political progress, hope he runs, fairly sure he will declare his intentions soon.


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