Tories Pitbull Turns Out To Be a Big Soft Puppy!

  1. cjq1tywwiae-sdx1-e1436283732557One thing you can guarantee is politicians will never fail to disappoint you, and they do it in spades. The Tories moaned and complained endlessly about the ‘biased BBC’ when they where in the last coalition govt with the LibDems. Some what fettered by the coalition they lacked the real power to do anything, understandable. Fast forward to the last UK elections, Tories get a small majority and are now in govt all by themselves, happy days you would think – wrong!

Cameron selects real political bruiser to take on the BBC, a pitbull, a real rottweiler, take a sharp intake of breath for some radical reforms of the BBC. End result out stumbles a small cuddly puppy called @JWhittingdale John Whittingdale secretary for culture, media etc. Not so much as a growl more like big sad puppy eyes and can I lick your nose and play with some string. What does he pull out of his ministerial bag, lots of soppy watered down proposals for the BBC. These are hardly bold or radical, just tweaking the BBC alittle here and there. John Whittingdale at the behest of PM Cameron has completely caved into the BBC, its just that simple. The BBC waste’s money by the truckload, is well documented in the media.CGzJrKvUAAEvoLj


The BBC will not survive in the digital age if it does not face up to its massive waste and over spending. Tony Hall keeps talking about a ‘BBC transformation’ but turkeys don’t vote for Christmas do they. The Tories have failed to challenge the BBC, timid and lacking in resolve they have cowered to the BBC demands. It has to be said Nigel Farage would have been much bolder towards the BBC, the Tories are lost sight of their free market beliefs. Are you listening Mr Cameron? you could have implemented these changes. What’s the point of having power if you just sit on your hands?  There are 165,00 signatures and growing to end the BBC, but what’s the point if politicians and govt just ignore these online petitions as they do?

CDD5oOuWAAAR-R0The free over 75s Licence fee is some what of a smoke screen. Tony Hall gets a cosy letter from George Osborne ( how to con the viewers). Firstly the BBC is not paying for the ‘free’ over 75s Licence Fee’s, we are with the new £10 increase. But the real hidden agenda is TV catch up, its well known that its been a real thorn in the side of the BBC as its been haemorrhaging money via people watching for free via iPlayer and other forms of catch up. Bottom line is the BBC as, and is losing money with this legal loophole of people not watching ‘live’ content but catch up content.

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  • The BBC cannot control the internet, just like all other media. Here is a copy of the John Wittingdale’s statement declaring in future the BBC is going to INCLUDE all forms of content live and catch up. That will include any form of TV catch up on tablet, laptop, mobile, within the remit of the BBC Licence.

    To add insult to injury we then have to watch the BBC interview the BBC, in essence the BBC is interviewing itself, its complete vomitsville! Viewers? what viewers, where are they? BBC knows best, keep the plebs out., they will just say nasty things about us. Here is BBC2 newsnight chatting with Danny Cohen (a paid BBC employee, salary £320,000) telling us all how great he thinks the BBC is? Well he would say that earning that kind of cash ££££, he is hardly going to declare – Oh I think the BBC is really crap and it wastes truckloads of our cash, he would be out of his well paid job.  


  • The BBC says it is cutting 1,000 jobs, trimming the fat, the BBC is still a vast organisation employing 19,000 people. Tony Hall says the BBC Licence Fee will last another 10 years? he is hoping,  the clock is ticking Tony, The BBC throws our Licence Fee money around like a drunk at a wedding. Drink up everyone, those gullible UK TV tax payers are footing the bill, cheers! Tony Hall is paid £450,000, thats 3 x more than the Prime Minister of the UK. The BBC may be liked around the world but is unpopular in the UK with its arrogance, wastefulness, and leftie arty farty liberal bias, Well its not over yet, there is going to be a colossal blacklash now both towards the bloated  BBC and also the Tories for cosying up together.

    Cameron had better listen to the voters who put him in Number 10, we can just as easily kick his arse OUT again! Get rid of the puppy and get a real pitbull to take on the bloated BBC? I will be blogging more on this contentious issue in the months ahead.


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