Feminism Is a Disease Thats Killing Our Society

Instead of doing just one long blogpost I decided to do three or four short examples of the never ending and expanding feminist mindset or group think that is infecting and creeping into all out daily lifes.


A UK Labour MP decides to laugh at the mere suggestion of a ‘Mens Day’. Womens day is very PC, we all have to swallow all the feminist group think, but a Mens Day is ridiculed by feminist Jess Philips MP @jessphillips at a House of Commons back benchers hearing.


Male suicide rates are going through the roof, divorced fathers are ostracised from their children by vindictive mothers and assisted by a heavily female biased family court system in the UK, the feminisation of our education system in schools is failing boys dramatically. But Jess Philips MP thinks this is all just a big joke when proposed by Philip Davies MP @PhilipDaviesMP  here on House of Commons video and she laughs. She should be ashamed of herself as a elected MP, This is the pervading group think with feminists like Jess Philips MP @jessphillips, men are now treated as 2nd class citizens by PC politicians, the media, academics, and many journalists.


3rd wave feminism as created a complete new victim culture wthin our society, everything is an offence, women are offended by everything and anything especially if it is male and white. God help any young male student stepping onto a college or university campus and that applies to both sides of the Atlantic.


The USA Title IX draconian self regulating campus quasi court system as thrown away any form of ‘due process’ of sexual allegations’ made. Its now a academic matra of guilty, guilty, guilty, regardless of any solid facts or hard evidence put forward for proper examination. The mere allegation is enough to ruin a young mans life on campus and he is expelled without being able to defend himself. That vindictive slur, that false sexual allegation does not go away, its on his record for life. Young men are now seeking proper legal process by suing their colleges and universities for blatant neglect of their proper legal rights. This I fear will only increase as more and more men will sue through the courts.


It has become so bad, so biased towards male students especially in the USA that there are mens rights groups now handing out information to male students to be aware of their legal rights, or total lack of them on campus. A example below –  Consent is now so mind boggling complex and vague, anything now is considered sexual assault even just kissing or flirting. Many men are now advised to DATE OFF CAMPUS to avoid the persecution by the whole Title IX system.



Femnazi is a tern or expression many people may think is exaggerated, think again. There is a UK feminist journalist Julie Burchill @JulieBurchill that openly advocates that all men should be held in prison camps, YES – PRISON CAMPS. But feminism constantly talks about ‘equality; right??

Don’t be fooled, feminism is a corrupt ideology that its ultimate aim is to destroy any and all gender identity and introduce strict censorship laws on the internet. Mean while the liberal media does nothing to expose Julie Burchill @JulieBurchill sick feminist ideology, WHY? Just imagine for one moment if a man wrote all women should be held in prison camps, I think you can imagine the response, the media backlash. A woman writes it and the media does not even bat an eyelid. But remind me again, feminism is all about equality?

Captufgrtyhh (2)


I mentioned feminists wish to censor the internet, again many people not familiar with the feminist mindset will think that statement is an exaggeration. You see feminists feed on our apathy, our lack of concern, our mental laziness to just let things slide until its all too late. There is a man in Toronto, Canada right now that is facing a possible prison sentence for 6 months just for disagreeing with feminists online on twitter.

His name is Gregory Elliott  @greg_a_elliott and he got into a online debate with three rather nasty radfem feminists Steph Guthrie @amirightfolks Heather Reilly @LadySnarksalot Paisley Rae @paisleyrae. maybe heated but hardly in any way abusive.

Court judges seem to be incredibility gullible when a demure women stands in front of them, Vagina – weak, vulnerable, Penis – nasty, bad. Three radfem feminists played the ‘harassment card’, we are victims, even though all the twitter recorded tweets where proven to be no more offensive then a healthy if not heated online debate..Gregory Elloitt @greg_a_elliott is now facing a possible 6 months in jail for just disagreeing with 3 feminists. This is censorship of free speech dressed up as 3 women claiming ‘harassment’ and the Canadian police falling for it all, hook, line and sinker. Is this the future,, any women that gets offended by remarks online calls the police and men are thrown in prison for just expressing a different opinion because its not PC and conformist.to the feminist thought police.

So thats just 4 examples of how feminism is creeping away, stripping men of their fundamental rights of liberty and free speech.  But to listen to the mainstream media women are suffering because the office air conditioning is too low, or men sit next to them on public transport with their legs too wide apart. Men have just had enough of all this biased one sided debate in feminism, the male pushback begins NOW! Feminism is openly rampant within all aspects of our academia and universities and certainly most (though not all) journalists are pro feminist, so the media remains extremely biased and negative towards the portrayal men.



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