Why is Obama Being So Anti British and Anti Brexit?


Interesting question, is Obama as USA President and his White House staff anti British, because its certainly starting to feel that way recently in the media. The so called ‘special relationship’ is starting to feel very strained especially on the contentious topic of Brexit. 1st Obama makes some very harsh rhetoric stating the UK will be cast adrift by the USA concerning bilateral trade if the UK decides to leave the EU after a EU referendum. This is pretty strong stuff, no diplomatic oh! lets sugar coat the pill for the British, this is Obama telling the UK in no unconcern terms – DON’T rock the EU boat and blatant scaremongering  So why is this happening, why is the Obama White House so rattled and annoyed?

The UK is a big trading nation, ranked 5th in the world, we do an immense amount of both imports and exports to the USA across the Atlantic in trade. Is President Obama really going to abandon all that bilateral precious trade and pull the plug? its so absurd, its almost a parody.So why all the bluster and harsh rhetoric coming out of the White House. Is Uncle Sam really willing to turn its back on the UK in our many varied aspects of world trade, I don’t think so, and its so ridiculous as Nigel Farage as stated in the media. So whats this USA beef all about. Its now been revealed that USA trade representative  Michael Froman @MikeFroman Obama’s close friend has worked for the EU Commission in the past, well what a surprise? plus even more recently its also now been revealed his wife also worked for the EU. Obama is making a big mistake in calculating the mood of the British people over the whole EU referendum and Brexit affair, the EU OUT camp grows bigger and stronger almost daily.



I am starting to think Obama as some deep seated issues with the British. Is he dragging around some hang ups from his Kenyan family roots? some colonial angst guilt about his personal roots. Brexit is a very hot contentious topic in the UK right now, even the UK CBI has been involved in dirty tricks to manipulate the debate for the IN camp, many people now feel the EU and Brussels has become far too powerful and over bearing. Many UK citizens want their powers returned to our own legal courts and our own parliament out of the hands of petty eurocrats dictating and enforcing EU regulations towards the UK. How all this Obama thinks concerns him is beyond me. Brexit concerns the future of the UK and its citizens upmost and foremost, not Uncle Sam. If the UK leaves the EU, the UK will still trade with the world and the USA, the sky will not fall down on our heads etc, as Brussels eurocrats like to scaremonger everyone into believing.


Then he gets his trade representative Michael Froman @MikeFroman to weight in on the Brexit debate. The USA will not seek a bilateral trade agreement with the UK if the UK leaves the EU via a EUreferendum, really, again totally bizarre? The USA has bilateral trade agreements with China, Australia, Oman, Brazil, I could go on but its a long list. So seriously Obama and Michael Froman will ignore and shun a bilateral trade deal deal with the UK over a Brexit. Oh! wait these two men will not even be in power in 15 months, when Brexit occurs they will be outside the White House no longer in office. Obama will be charging $100,000 for his dinner speeches on the speech circuit and writing his memoirs. Michael Froman will most likely return to Harvard or Princeton as a honoury Ivy League professor and bore all his students to death. So in essence their present day harsh rhetoric is totally meaningless.John+Kerry+Speaks+SelectUSA+2013+Investment+wBriBHRzUmFl

Bottom line is many Brits do not want any more encroaching creeping powers of the EU slowing chipping away at our own national sovereignty and democracy, its just that simple. Many top economists believe the UK economy can thrive and prosper if a Brexit occurred. As a lawyer if Mr. Obama finds that hard to understand, well frankly thats his problem not ours. The EU started out as a sort of loose trade confederation but it has morphed into this bureaucratic monster that demands ever more and more power from national parliaments, plus it has a thinly veiled socialist mantra and ethos of ever higher taxes and more and more endless regulation. We British believe in lower taxes, less bureaucracy, and open free trade, and it seems to us in the UK that what the EU wants is the exact opposite. Well then maybe its time for us to part company, we will still trade with all Europe nations of course but no more EU directives from Brussels and no more ECHR court rulings from Strasbourg. Its time for the UK to rejoin the Anglosphere and trade freely in a global world including our American cousins across the Atlantic just minus your present incumbent President Obama.



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