1460251219669In today’s world of the victim complex responsibility as almost now become a redundant term in the English language, and no one uses this tactic quite like feminists. Every action, every situation, every circumstance is someone else’s fault, yeah you guessed it –  men. Feminists walk around in this warped mental state like they are dragging around their own life size wooden cross, plus the mega victim complex that goes with it.

So lets have a look at what I call the ‘Maria Mint’ Saga, ie now a ex employee of Nintendo, Alison Rapp. OK I am not going into all the history of this person and so on, just needless to say she was an employee of the company, a staunch feminist, into Japanese anime, and has some rather dubious views on the age limit of sexual consent.

Anyway she gets fired from Nintendo and immediately goes off on a major rant against gamergate, she is being ‘persecuted’ and ‘harassed’ by GGers, all the usual favourite standard tactics of feminists. Damsel in distress, the babe in the woods routine, that we have witnessed so many times in the  past and in the present.

Meanwhile Nintendo were extremely restrained and remained quite on the real reasons for her dismissal, offering a rather vague and opaque explanation. All the feminists on tumblr where by now having a collective hissy fit and meltdown, she must have got fired just because she as a vagina right, its because she is a woman, its the evil patriarchy at work bla bla, usual feminist drivel, er well no actually, she got fired because she was found out working as a  prostitute whilst also working for Nintendo (well that was her day job) clearly these two jobs where incompatible with Nintendo company employment rules.So she LIED about the whole sordid saga, or maybe it was just a big memory lapse on her part and she forgot to tell her boss the whole truth? yeah right.

Well then a few weeks later it all comes out Miss goody two shoes was out selling her physical wares as a escort call girl as ‘Maria Mint’, but trying to be classy she went up market $250 an hour, $2000 for a night, there is an extensive menu price list $$$$$$  (below). Now here is the thing, you cannot be ‘doxed’ if you openly put up lots of sexy soft porn pics on a call girl website, thats your choice remember, your decision, no one else’s. Nintendo had every right to fire Alison Rapp @alisonrapp for her out of office hours extra activities, she was after all was an employee of their company. You cannot play Miss babe in the woods, damseling online to everyone about the evil oppressive patriarchy , and then make $250 an hour selling your ass, so can you put away your victim complex, please?


When a feminist is caught out blatantly lying, she then rushes to the police claiming she is being ‘threatened’, ‘persecuted’ er from what exactly? her own self deluded neurotic paranoia, or just virtue signalling for ever more attention, I am thinking a mixture of the two. This whole situation is one of her own making. But for some strange weird reason the police fall for it every time hook, line, and sinker. Oh! just look at those sad puppy eyes, she must be telling the truth?? right? Er no officer she is on the game selling her ass $$$$$$, if you cannot even see that you will never make detective. Don’t police bother to check people’s stories any more?, she is working as a professional call girl.

Actually I think feminists have got away with that please help me officer I am a soft vulnerable female bullsh*t for quite some time now, but even the jelly brained mainstream media and the PC pro feminist journalists are slowly and finally waking up to all this gross deception, lies and false alarms from feminists. Pulling all those fire alarms, Oh there is a bomb threat in the building, plus making all kinds of crazy false sexual allegations is now meet with eye rolls at so many police stations, and women you have only feminists to thank for all of that. Female credibility as now hit rock bottom.

Maria Mint (thats her working escort name) its time to grow up and get rid of that massive persecution complex you carrying around with you? Its just a shame that most mainstream journalists are so sloppy and lazy in their own research, they conveniently and blatantly dis-regard actual facts for feminist feelz. I think there is a pervasive culture in journalism, they are more worried about their PC credibility than mere facts. and are more than content to ignore facts if it goes against the own narrative of their story. Alison Rapp has been found out to be manipulative and lying and still the mainstream PC media protect her. Its little wonder people now look for alternative news online.


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