Labour Wars and the Slow Death of the UK Left


Labour wars or blood wars, take your pick as there is blood all over the place, its splattered on all over the walls. Sit back and enjoy the show as the UK left devours itself from the inside out. Jeremy Corbyn defiantly refuses to relinquish his leadership and wins and is re-elected as Labour leader. Needless to say the more moderate parliament MPs (PLP) will be grinding their teeth and cursing quietly under their breath in their frustration. Corbyn is like a very large heavy rock, he is unmovable, and they just can’t seem to get rid of him.

Owen Smith played on his Welsh socialist roots from the valley etc, but he failed to convince the majority of card carrying Labour members. For all his left socialist rhetoric people just thought he had a slight touch of the Tony Blair in him, he looks alittle too much like a PR man, and right now thats like the kiss of death within the Labour party as it lurches ever more to the hard left.

This is not the end of Labour wars, no this is just the beginning and as a right winger I am just over the moon. It will now take Labour many years to heal and get their act together once again. Labour voters are leaving Labour in massive droves and moving to the right. Why? well in one word Brexit, yes Brexit did it, it cut the ties many traditional life long Labour voters had with the left and the Labour party. Expect more votes for the Tories, but even more votes for UKIP at the next 2020 elections.


Brexit made many Labour voters realise that they did not have to vote the same old way just out of a sense of tradition and of old family habits. They actually woke up and realised that their Uni educated metro Labour MPs where really much more interested in their own parliament careers than listening to their constituents ranting on about uncontrolled immigration. Its no secret what many Labour MPs really think of their core voters, they are all ignorant knuckle dragging racists. Labour MPs have been neglecting their faithful but docile working class voters for decades, well London does feel a long way from Huddersfield, Gateshead or Barnsley these days.

Farage came along and just made them fully aware that they could vote for another party like UKIP, and come the 2020 elections they will do just that, make no mistake about it. Labour voters are essentially sick and tired of three main things – the EU, immigration and being totally taken for granted by Labour.


Mean while the world view in trendy multicultural London is completely and utterly different from many Labour voters. Corbyn lives in leafty posh Islington, as does many of his Corbynista London allies and followers. Labour as always been more than alittle ashamed of any form of national pride or patriotism, all that British empire historical baggage makes socialists like Corbyn cringe and squirm in his shoes. After decades of being brainwashed by the left, that old slur of being called a ‘racist’ as now lost all of its meaning, it is meaningless. Hipster multicultural London may well be the last stonghold of Labour in the years to come.

People have realised they do not have to be force fed into accepting a Labour version of a multicultural blob of our society, we can get to choose how we want to live in our neighborhoods towns, and cities. The Labour elite, thats Corbyn and his Momentum chums,  have lost their almost hypnotic hold over their long time core Labour voters, its like the spell has been broken. Labour voters are not interested in high academic waffling ideals and campus student politico babble, and all the so called ‘experts'(yes all the ones that lied during the EU ref)  they just see what is happening around them in their own neighborhoods, what is happening in their schools and with their intrusive and interfering PC local Councils.


No more listening to stale pontificating academics and fanatical feminists preaching to us daily via our lefty mainstream media on how we should all be living, being forced into embracing multiculturalism, those days are now gone, finished. The genie is now out of the bottle as they say. People have rediscovered their national identities and the left really hate and despises all this happening, for the hard left they literally have fantasies, dreaming of  a global UN world style govt. They would like nothing better than to see out parliament become just a empty museum piece.

The left’s dogma is essentially death to all forms of patriotism and national identities, and this is where Labour have really messed things up big time. Traditional Labour voters do not relate to that warped vision of the future, they dislike multiculturalism, and now they totally reject being brainwashed by the left into feeling ashamed of all that false lefty white guilt nonsense just because they choose to call themselves English. Its like people are coming out of a very long coma and seeing things clearly.

I personally think the UK left is going to fracture into more smaller groupings, Labour will evidently shrink as it loses political power (less seats in parliament less MPs) the LibDems and Greens will remain small parties So in reality as the right grows the UK left will shrink and contract. Labour will have to resign itself into forming new left coalitions or alliances as its political power declines. Corbyn may say Labour have now over half a million party members, but thats all fine and dandy, but you are not going to win a general election with just half a million votes. Its the whole electorate stupid, its their votes that really matters, not the card carrying party faithful.


I am just glad the UK is now swinging to the right with a real gusto, we are getting out of the lethargic moribund EU and rejoining the energetic Anglosphere in trade via the Brexit win. Happy days ahead people. PS Keep up the good work Jeremy – destroying the Labour party from within,  he is the right’s best secret weapon by far. Corbyn is not a socialist, is a closet communist, just take a look at his past 30 years, though he does his best to try and hide it. Labour will self destruction with the help of Momentum, but Ssssh don’t tell Labour, they haven’t really figured all that out yet.

Just a small addition to add, as the pro EU LibDems are also a small addition (only 8 MPs) Tim Farron is in many ways even more barmy left wing and deluded than Corbyn. He is determined to blatantly ignore 17.4 million Brexit voters, berating to them all on how they made the wrong choice in voting for Brexit. At least Corbyn is a secret closet Brextier, Tim Farron is like a kamikaze pilot refusing to change course. As for the even smaller eco nutjob Greens, well they are hardly a political threat in the UK. Well keep the faith people, we do live in interesting times, pass the popcorn, we are now watching the slow death of the UK left.



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