Why Has Mark Carney Not Been FIRED?


Update 29th Oct 2016 – Rumours are bouncing around Mark Carney is to resign from the Bank of England. Have to say I could not be happier, the man has brough all this upon himself with his constant negative comments concerning Brexit. Heathrow airport is THAT WAY >>>>>> Mark Carney.


David Cameron had the decency to resign, George Osborne got the big boot from the new incoming PM Theresa May, but can anyone tell me why Mark Carney (ex Goldman Sachs) at the Bank of England still clings onto his job? More to the point why has no one in the new Tory govt fired him and sent him packing back to Canada.

Two former Chancellors of the Exchequer – Lord Lawson and Lord Lamont – challenged Carney’s behaviour: “There has been startling dishonesty in the economic debate, with a woeful failure on the part of the Bank of England, the Treasury, and other official sources to present a fair and balanced analysis,” they said. “They have been peddling phoney forecasts and scare stories to back up the attempts of David Cameron and George Osborne to frighten the electorate into voting Remain.”

The former Governor of the Bank of England, Lord King, said the “scaremongering tactics” meant it was “the most dispiriting campaign in my lifetime”. After the referendum result King added: “We are now in a better position to rebalance the UK economy.”

Recently Mark Carney and his assistant flunkey at the BoE have been back peddling furiously, oh we were too pessimistic in our predictions (thats translation for – we blatantly distorted the forecasts to fit our own anti Brexit narrative) But they cloak it all in that dull economic dialogue so it sounds like its always someone else’s fault, but not theirs? There is an interesting article in Heat Street showing how Mark Carney got all his Brexit forecasts completely wrong. Oh please, do not insult our intelligence Mr. Carney, you manipulated those false forecasts to frighten everyone, hoping they would all reject the Brexit vote and vote for Remain, and now you are desperately trying to cover your tracks.

Is everyone suffering from post Brexit collective amnesia? Just wind the clock back before the EU ref result on the 23rd June. Mark Carney no doubt at the behest of the then PM Cameron and Chancellor Osborne was painting the very bleakest of economic pictures if we the UK electorate voted for Leave. Even Lord Lawson has publicly called for his resignation (below in a radio interview) calling his dire UK gloom mongering ‘disgraceful’.


He went way beyond any reasonable economic forecasts, he predicted doom and gloom on a massive scale, almost threatening total economic collapse within the UK. Osborne did much the same, but he got fired for his dire predictions. Mark Carney still sits in charge of the Bank of England like it was all just a bad dream and that he remembers nothing. Does he really think we have all forgotten what he said during the EU ref? All that distorted manipulative information he pumped out.


All those apocalyptic economic predictions he made have now been proven not only worthless but flagrantly false and untrue. This is the man in charge of our national finances and interest rates. Mark Carney’s post Brexit predictions have now been ridiculed and derided by many world economists. How can this man have the temerity to cling onto his job and expect all his mistakes to be forgiven and forgotten. Pack your bags Mark Carney and head for Heathrow airport ASAP. Theresa May should have sacked him straight away when she entered Number 10.

Yet it was still pretty shocking that the Bank of England’s reputation for professionalism and impartiality was so casually squandered. There are two problems. First of all, the Bank of England shouldn’t get involved in telling us how to vote. Secondly, the prediction that voting for Brexit would mean voting for an immediate recession has been proved false.

What makes it all the worse is the lack of any hint of contrition from Carney for his misjudgment. He told the Treasury Select Committee last week that he is “absolutely serene”. But his behaviour means that subsequent decisions by the Bank have been distorted.

I tried to look for an interesting interview on youtube but Mark Carney pontificates and just tries to bamboozle his audience with figures and statistics.. He just cannot admit to the UK public all his grossly false misinterpretations, falsehoods and untruths he told us all during the EU ref concerning Brexit. RESIGN Mark Carney, or better still someone please FIRE him.



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