Its no secret that the  House of Lords is stuffed to the rafters with sympathetic to enthusiastic pro supporters of Brussels, not all but most. They may waffle alot in their £300 paid per day debates and deliberations and then take a nap in the afternoons after a generous lunch, but is the Lords really going to defy the democratic will of the British people? To say they are on very thin ice is a massive understatement. The glaring fact that they are “selected” and not elected, that embarrassing reality is ever more criticized as the years roll by.


If the House of Lords opposes, hinders, or schemes with sly shenanigans trying to stop the Brexit Bill they are literally playing with a ticking bomb. The anger, the resentment, and backlash would be monumental from the voters if Brexit was blocked by the Lords..

Reformers have been trying to get rid of the House of Lords for decades and now there is a strong possibly Brexit could do the job for them and be the final nail in the coffin for the Lords. Personally I am amazed the HoL’s is still around in 2017. What other Western country has a totally unelected 2nd chamber. Its an historical throwback to the times of the landed aristocratic gentry, many now say its an historical dinosaur, a democratic  embarrassment, and they are 100% right.


We want Brexit, we want out of the autocratic EU and if the House of Lords stands in the way they will face the FULL WRATH of the voters and the House of Lords will be abolished. Like a big heavy freight train Brexit is now just to big and too powerful and cannot be stopped. The Lords will be well aware of these facts but some still feel that they “know better”, and we the plebs are all just knuckle dragging neanderthals and need to embrace all those progressive EU ideals from the lightened? so called academics and “experts”.

Truth is we in the UK have had our fill of “experts” spoon feeding us with their progressive diversity agenda, and we want out country back. This is why Brexit happened in the UK. Huge push back against the direction Britain was being forced to follow by our pampered and patronizing elite in London. Its like Brexit has woken up the whole country, we where all in a brainwashed coma, and then its like suddenly someone just threw a bucket of ice cold water over our heads to wake us all up. Thanks Nigel Farage.


Now with the Trump train in the USA and now he is in the White House, Geert Wilders predicted to win many more in the coming Dutch elections in March. Le Pen and FN gaining more votes in France, and the AfD in Germany with Frauke Petry stealing votes from Mad Merkel and the CDU.

Its refreshing that people are now saying enough is enough, STOP trying to steal out national identities by stealth and by sneaky progressive tactics. No more white guilt complex, making us all meekly accept ever more uncontrolled immigration. After Brexit the future certainly looks far more optimistic and hopeful. Populism is only a dirty word for diversity obsessed academics and leftwing journalists, for the rest of us, its a beautiful liberating thing.


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