Well after nine long tortuous months finally Article 50 was triggered, though by the look of Tusk’s face it seems many eurocrats are still in a sate of shock has it has actually happened. But lets be clear about this, this is not just about the UK, its about putting the fear of God, or the fear of Brussels into the rest of the EU countries – Leave and you will be punished. Right now Brussels is feeling extremely insecure, as Juncker, Tusk and Verhofstadt see the very large cracks appearing in the EU edifice.

People are disillusioned and fed up of a bossy, over bearing and dictatorial Brussels. Brussels is saying if anyone else is thinking of leaving this moribund EU they will be facing a gigantic bill, like the UK’s absurd  £50 BILLION bill. This is physiological fear tactics which Brussels uses regularly to make everyone obediently and submissively toe the line. Problem is its not working anymore, the genie is out of the bottle.

The fear factor has disappeared, its not just the UK that is fed up of Brussels, just take a look at Eastern Europe – Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and Czech Republic, the so called Visegrad Group. Brussels is bickering with both Poland and Hungary over its enforced immigration policies. Both PM’s Orban and Szydlo will not be intimidated by Tusk or Juncker. Plus Austria is very unhappy over immigration quotas.

The UK has paid in many, many billions over the years (Its actually £200 Billion), this extra payment is seen as petty and vindictive by Brussels and Verhofstadt and the UK people can see right through it. Oh and please don’t give us that bullsh*t about a gentleman always settles his bill before he leaves the restaurant. NOT when he has not even eaten the food, he as every right to refuse to pay, or to settle the bill. There is widespread annoyance in the UK that Barnier, Tusk and Juncker are demanding this colossal amount must be paid.

If these Brexit negotiations break down and disintegrate, and its highly likely to happen, it will cause chaos to many sectors right across Europe, not just finance but airlines, cargo by lorries, container shipping. Because the eurocrats are refusing to discuss a trade deal between the UK and EU. When the factories start shutting down in Germany and France as a tariff war looms, it will be Brussels fault this is happening, due to their arrogance and intransigence.  The French technocrat Barnier is no friend of the UK, he is an out spoken Anglophobe.


On a personel level I really don’t think this whole process is going to last 2 years?? I doubt it will last even 6 or 8 months. The atmosphere is distinctly tainted and toxic. Plus now that Madrid as teamed up with Brussels to bully and manipulate Gibraltar, matters have turned even more sour. Truth is the Spanish have never liked us the English, they still have not forgiven us for sinking their p*ss weak armada in 1588 . Well the UK will stand 100% behind Gibraltar, thats with out a doubt. All these dirty shenanigans as made Brussels and the EU look very disreputable, trying to use tiny Gibraltar as a pawn piece in the Brexit talks.

Let us give it 6 months and if Brussels is belligerent and unyielding, then let us walk away from the negotiating table and just go to the WTO, plus we don’t have to pay the EU one single penny. This course of action would be received in the UK as an extremely  popular option and a good decision. This is the rhetoric coming out of Germany – Deputy minister demands UK pay its £50 BILLION bill

Besides Barnier and Tusk are saying any talks on trade will not be discussed for at least the first year until they (the EU) receive their full payment. This is totally unacceptable, they are dictating terms, but only on their terms. Its plain to see they wish to punish the UK and send a strong signal to other EU countries if contemplating leaving the EU. They want to play mind games, OK should just GO to the WTO, that would send them into such a state of shock, they then become powerless and emasculated in their over bearing negotiations.


Brussels is also demanding that the UK participate in no other trade talk with other countries until the Brexit process is completed, what??. This is ridulous, how can we expect to wait until we depart from the dead clutches of the EU with no trade deals in place the day after we leave? Juncker, Tusk and Barnier are insisting that the UK hands be tied in all trade talks with other countries, this is complete and utter madness. The UK govt will never agree to this.

Well we will see how matters develop, but I am not that optimistic about a Brexit agreement coming to fruition in the two year time span. Brussels wants to humiliate the UK in full view of the world. I really don’t think they anticipate to pushback and strong will of the British in this separation matter. Well time will tell, it will be entertaining to watch.


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